Case Study: Active Motion

Charles Freedman
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Charles Freedman
CEO @ServCraft
Sheldon Pawson runs Active Motion, a security solutions and installation business serving commercial and residential properties nationwide. Active Motion is a fast growing security installation business with offices in Johannesburg.
Sheldon started Active Motion with no car, no staff and no capital. Grit and resilience helped him win his first customer who took a chance on him. Today he employees 52 staff, manages 12 teams and serves over 3000 clients.
The problem
In the beginning operations were chaotic. Sheldon didn’t know what systems and processes he needed to grow - especially how he managed billing. Carbon copy job cards, paper, email, spreadsheets, word documents, whiteboards. Every morning was a run around trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together to work out what was going on and how to keep momentum going.
All of this took time. Time the team could have been spending on keeping up with the demand his business was attracting. Sheldon knew that as technology enabled his customers to tap into his competitors faster - he needed to find a way to get quality quotes out faster to win more work.
When a customer called he’d run to the file room to try and find a file which ofter wasn’t there - turning a five minute query into a two hour team effort.
In this time balls got dropped. Jumbled papers, emails and WhatsApps were impossible to keep up with. Job cards got lost and left on site. Information wasn’t correctly captured and jobs weren’t signed for. Nothing connected the different parts across Active Motion with their clients and suppliers.
Sheldon needed a job management software to join everything together.
Why Active Motion chose ServCraft
Sheldon started looking around for job management software - initially looking at a wide range of international job management software providers. They all had bits and pieces of what he needed but couldn’t find anything that fit the South African security installation space. Unit he met ServCraft.
ServCraft’s local South African team reached out and showed him a demo that ticked all his boxes for managing a security installation business.
Sheldon loved the fact that the local team understood what it was like running a security business in South Africa - and were so committed to helping improve his security installation operation.
ServCraft worked with Sheldon and his team to design the job card and ServCraft that worked for him and his business. ServCraft listened deeply to Sheldon’s suggestions and used them to build features that all ServCraft customers could benefit from.
ServCraft’s people and their passion to help him with the change made a big difference to the impact ServCraft was able to make.
How ServCraft supported Active Motion
Sheldon and his team were contacted by a ServCraft expert who took the time to understand the specific problems and processes in the security installation business - as well as the experience Sheldon wanted his customers to have.
From there they sat together and designed a ServCraft that worked for them. There wasn’t too much adaptation needed.
It didn’t stop there. ServCraft’s Implementation Coach collaborated with Active Motion’s team to design, plan and implement ServCraft across the business. This involved training the teams, testing the processes, and making sure they got the results they needed. Sheldon chose a date and went live.
ServCraft’s local team is in touch regularly with Sheldon - taking on new ideas, responding to questions, sharing how new features could help and providing training to Sheldon’s growing team.
The results
Sheldon felt the impact of ServCraft’s job man as soon as he switched it on across Active Motion.
ServCraft’s scheduling feature and jobs list has transformed his control of his teams. Planning and managing what his teams are doing from one place is powerful and gives him complete control of his operations so he can manage risks before they turn into issues.
So now I've got all that information at my fingertips...I'm well prepared for that phone call. At any given time, we look very professional because we've got all the facts in front of us. ~
Sheldon, Founder @Active Motion
In security installation trust is everything. Emails, SMS giving customers a view of the jobs cards and pictures make it real for his customers and really add value. ServCraft helps his customers trust him even more by delivering a highly professional experience and keeping them in the loop across the job.
ServCraft is helping Active Motion grow from strength to strength.
Charles Freedman
CEO @ServCraft
Charles Freedman
CEO @ServCraft